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Valley Fishing Club Takes 60 City Kids Fishing in Marina Del Rey

Give a kid a fish and they’ll look at you funny, teach a kid how to fish and they’ll have a memory that lasts forever. – Jared Gerber, San Fernando Valley Fishing Club Memrber

Every year, the San Fernando Valley Saltwater Fisherman (SFVSF), a club consisting of friends who love to fish, host a kids charter fishing trip for children in the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles. The boat “Spitfire” leaves Dock 52 out of Marina Del Rey on the morning of Monday, June 12 and will return in the afternoon.

The club member volunteers mentor the children and teach them how to fish, clean fish, and tie knots.

Event organizer, Michael Herrera reported, “Most of the children are very excited to go fishing and some have never been on a boat, been to the beach, or done anything like it before.

“The experience could spark an interest in a future career in something they see or do that day. It may be something like being a fishing captain, or a marine biologist, or maybe coast guard rescue swimmer or helicopter pilot. Or they might be inspired by connecting with one of our members who may be retired or still working that a kid may want to follow in his footsteps to become anything, like an electrician or rocket scientist.

“They may also have the chance to see dolphins, whales or even a coast guard helicopter. Seeing their eyes light up when they see a fish on their line for the first time is just a great feeling, but seeing their fish get eaten by a mako shark is priceless.”

Sixty inner city kids are selected from youth groups (such as the Boys and Girls Clubs, Youth Home and Key Clubs) from the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley areas.

The trip is fueled by SFVSF, its sponsors, and member donations — including Chatsworth Kiwanis, Chatsworth Neighborhood Council, and San Fernando Valley Saltwater Fisherman.

The children also learn valuable life lessons such as patience—and that not all food comes from a grocery store. They also learn about water safety, conservation, and survival skills.

Getting kids outdoors is one of the best ways to keep them healthy and to boost their confidence–and fishing is a wholesome, fun, and safe activity that will do just that.

Want to get involved? Sponsor the SFVSF to help them take MORE kids fishing!

Learn more about San Fernando Valley Saltwater Fisherman on their website. Visit the FAQ for great details or Facebook page for more information about the club and future events.

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